Who We Are


Our Work

Uniconsult International Limited (UCIL), a leading consulting firm in Bangladesh, had its beginning in 1980. Over the 38 years, UCIL gathered experiences in different fields, working in the country and abroad. Its contribution to the socio-economic development in Bangladesh through provision of consultancy services have been substantial

Combining experiences with quality, UCIL emerged as one of the top consulting firms in Bangladesh and in the region as well. It has earned a reputation for excellence in a number of sectors, such as trade & commerce, agriculture, forestry, fisheries & livestock, education, and several other areas of social development. UCIL specializes in agriculture and socio-economic development of Bangladesh through the provision of consultancy, management, and training services.

Our partners


UCIL Seeks To Assist In The Development Of Bangladesh And Other Developing Countries Of The Asian Region. Its Major Objectives Are:

1. To develop professionalism in consultancy services through augmenting personnel capability and provided services to governments and agencies in Bangladesh and abroad.

2. To be of assistance to governments and implementing agencies in decision-making and in achieving the best output through provision of consulting and technical assistance services.

3. To be of assistance to public and private sector organizations in identifying appropriate policy options through in-depth studies.

4. To provide necessary support services to donor agencies in undertaking appropriate pre- and post- project/program evaluation studies.

5. To establish linkages with and attract the affiliation of donor agencies.

6. To strive for quality output of projects in respect of relevance and functionality, as well as economy.

Board of Directors and Shareholders

The Board of Directors and Shareholders of UCIL is given below:

Dr. M A Nasir – Chairman

Dr. Shakur Nasir – Director