Consultation Service

AAgriculture and Rural Development is the main sector of UCIL. The initial years of UCIL saw it get deeply involved in the agricultural development process in the country. UCIL has effectively and efficiently completed a substantial number of projects under this sector. The process is still on and UCIL is continuing to extend consultation service in the areas of:

  • Agricultural Research Management
  • Benchmark Survey & Evaluation
  • Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Crop Diversification
  • Feasibility Study & Project Participation
  • Fisheries Development
  • Forestry Conservation & Development
  • Institutional Development
  • Irrigation & Water management
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Landuse Planning
  • Need Assessment
  • People’s Participation
  • Soil & Environment
  • Terminal & Ex-post Evaluation
  • Training/Human resources Development
  • Supply Chain Development

Completed Projects

UCIL Has Effectively And Efficiently Completed A Substantial Number Of Projects Under This Sector

1. Supply Chain Development Component under National Agriculture Technology Project-WB

2. Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project: Agriculture Component (ADB Grant No TA 0002-INO)

3. Marine and Fisheries Sector Strategy Study (ADB TA No 4551-INO)

4. Southern Province Rural Economic Advancement Project (ADB Loan No. 1849-SRI (SF)

5. North West Corp Diversification Project (ADB Loan No. 1782-BAN (SF)

6. Mymensingh, Jamalpur and Sherpur Smallholder Agricultural Improvement Project (IFAD Loan 505-BD)

7. Barisal, Patuakhali and Borguna Small Holder Support Project (IDB Loan No. 127-BD)

8. As Assessment on Impact of Grihayan Tahbil of Bangladesh Bank

9. Agricultural Services Innovation and Reform Project (ASIRP)

10. Baseline Socio-economic Survey for Community Empowerment for Poverty Alleviation at the Grassroots Level (CEPA)

11. Agricultural Support Services Project (ASSP)

12. An Impact Study of Credit-funded Income Generating Activities of the Rural Development Project -9

13. Agricultural Research Project II (Supplement)

14. Estimation of Seed, Feed, and Post-Harvest Wastage of Foodgrain Crops

15. Crop Intensification Program IV (Greenhouse)

16. Agro-Socioeconomic Benchmark Survey of Marginal and Small Farm Systems Crop Intensification Project in Kurigram District

17. Baseline Survey of Gopalgonj, Pirojpur, Shariatpur and Pirojpur Integreted Area Development Project (GMSP-IADP)

18. Baseline Survey and PRA under Barisal, Patuakhali, Jhalkathi and Borguna Small Holder Support Project (BPJB SHSP).