Full/Part Time Consultants Engaged in Projects of UCIL

Our Work

UCIL has a number of core personnel and core experienced consultants and associate consultants as well as experienced staff. Name, position and year of experience of the full-time professionals are given below:

SL Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Dr. Richard George Dudley Ph. D. University of Idaho College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences. Moscow Idaho, USA.  1969-1972. Field: fisheries. Marine and Coastal Resource Management Specialist 32 years
2 Mr. Lindsay, Stephen Richard Master of Science, James Cook University, 1994
from North Queensland, Australia.
Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries Specialist 17 years
3 Mr. David Currie MSc Oceanography, University of Southampton, 1974-1975 Environment and Fish Health Management Specialist 30 years
4 Dr. Joseph F. Dorsey Jr. Ph.D., Agricultural Economics/Ibero-American Studies/Statistics/Farm Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984 Marine and Fisheries Economist 33 years
5 Dr. Muhammad Monirul Islam Ph.D (Extension Education), University of the Philippines, 1984 Agriculture Training Specialist 20 years
6 Dr. R. N. Mallick Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy, Botany/Agronomy, University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 1986; Agricultural Human Resources Development Specialist 35 years
7 Dr. Bock Tan Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics, North Carolina State University, 1973. Agricultural Economist 33 years
8 Mr. Mazharul Huq MS1973, the American University of Beirut,  Lebanon Agriculture Information and Communication Specialist 34 years
9 Prof. M. Siddiqur Rahman Post Doctoral in Curriculum Development, University of London, U.K (1981-82)
Ph.D. in Education, University of Delhi, Delhi, India (1979)
Specialist In Quality Improvement In Schools And Classrooms/DTL 26 years
10 Mr. Patrick Cummins Master of Arts (Applied Language Studies) Carleton University, Ottawa, 1993 Curriculum And Textbook Development Specialist 26 years
11 Dr. H P Raja Gunawardhane PhD, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Teacher Education Specialist (International 35 years
12 Prof. Muhammad Ali M.A. in Science Education, University of London, 1986 Curriculum Development and Educational Assessment and Testing Specialist (National) 38 years

Dr. Md. Anowarul Aziz

Ph.D in Education, MS University, Baroda (India), 1984 Primary In-Service Teacher Training Consultant 40 years
14 Dr. Shafiur Rahman Ph.D. in Botany, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 1983 Teacher Recruitment Consultant 37 years
15 Mr. Garry A. Shea M.Sc. in Silviculture and Forest Ecology, University of British Columbia, 1977. Team Leader/ Community and Rural Development Specialist 25 years
16 ABM Sayedul Kawnine Masters of Arts 1987 Capacity Development Expert 30 years
17 Mr. Alexander Austin Hutcheon M.Sc. Soil Science (Aberdeen), 1967; B.Sc. Soil Science (Aberdeen), 1962. Desalinization and Soil Improvement Specialist 34 years
18 Dr. Ashley J. Bansgrove M.A.E.S., R.M.O. (Resource Management Option), Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario in 1991 Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MSC) Specialist 18 years
19 Dr. A. H. Md. Faruque PhD (Agriculture, Horticulture), Texas A&M University, Texas, USA, 1968. Crop Production Specialist 32 years
20 Dr. Nowsher A. Sardar Ph.D. University of the Philippines at Los Banos, Philippines, 1990 Agronomist/ Team Leader 32 years
21 Dr. S P Ghosh Ph.D in Agriculture (Horticulture), Timiriazev Agriculture Academy, Moscow, USSR, 1970. Agriculture Project Management Specialist/ Team Leader 35 years
22 Mr. Preethi De Silva M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. (1990) Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist 22 years
23 Dr. Teoh Chye Hean Ph.D. (Agril. & Occupational Education; Extension Education and International Agricultural & Rural Development), Department of Education, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, 1984. Agribusiness Training Curriculum Development Specialist. 25 years
24 Mr. Nizamul Haque M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics (Specialization in Agri-Credit) from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh in 1967 Credit Specialist 35 years
25 Mr. Abdur Razzak M Sc in Ag Consultant 35 years
26 Mr. A B M Saiful Islam M Sc in Ag Consultant 28 years
27 Prof. Tozammel Hossain Masters in Commerce (Management) Teacher Registration and Accreditation Adviser 34 years
28 Ms. Rezina Sultana M.A. in Educational Planning from University of London, England (Under Commonwealth scholarship program) in 1983. Teacher Education Authority Adviser 34 years
29 Mr. Mohamed Abdur Rouf Akhand MSc in Engineering (Digital Electronics) fromChelsea College /Kings College, London University, 1979-1981. International EMIS Specialist 24 years
30 Ms. Sufia Begum Master of Education 1995 from National University Teacher Training Course Development And Design Adviser 18 years
31 Dr. Md. Gholam Rasul Miah Post Doctorate Research in Science Education, 1989. Teacher Training Course Development And Design Adviser 36 years
32 Dr. Paul Mundy PhD in Mass Communications, Department of Agricultural Journalism, University of Wisconsin‑Madison, usa, 1989 -1992 Agricultural Information Specialist 30 years
33 Mr. Y P De Silva MSc (Agricultural Extension) from the University of Reading, UK, 1984 Marketing Management Specialist 28 years
34 Ms. Shahana Begum M.S.S. in Sociology, Dhaka University, Dhaka, 1979 Consultant 20 years
35 Dr. Reazul Karim Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh in 1995. Extension Training Specialist 27 years
36 Dr. Md. Saleh Ahmed Ph.D. (Horticulture) IPSA (Now BSMRAU)   Salna, Gazipur,1995 Post Harvest & Agribusiness Specialist 25 years
37 Dr Ferdouse H Hannan Ph.D in Sociology, University of Dhaka, 2000 Gender Specialist/ WID Specialist 21 years
38 Dr. M Abdullah Ph.D. in Economics from Kiev State University, Ukraine (1982) Team Leader/ Credit Specialist/Agribusiness Advisor 25 years
39 Mr. Hashem Uz Zaman Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accounts of Bangladesh, 1980 Consultant 30 years