Extensive Experience In Different Projects

Our Work

From the beginning of his journey UCIL worked with more than 110 different projects funded by different donor organizations. Being the country’s premium development consultancy firm UCIL has a wide project experience in home as well as highest project experience in abroad.

UCIL has more than 36 years consulting experience in Evaluation, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Livestock Development Sector and also has extensive experience for deploying consultants/professional staffs in different projects under different Government/NGO/Donor organizations.

A list of all projects at home and abroad is given below:

Forestry and Environment

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
1 Forestry Sector Review Project 2001-2002 Bangladesh None DFID
2 Shanxi Environment Management Project 1998-99 China SNC, USA ADB

Agriculture & Rural Development

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding 
3 Supply Chain Development Component under National Agriculture Technology Project-WB 2012-2014 Bangladesh None WB/Hortex
4 Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project: Package 3: Agriculture Component (ADB Grant No TA 0002-INO) 2005-2008 Indonesia TCIL & MADEP ADB
5 Marine and Fisheries Sector Strategy Study (ADB TA No 4551-INO) 2005-2006 Indonesia MACON ADB
6 Southern Province Rural Economic Advancement Project (ADB Loan No. 1849-SRI (SF) 2004-2008 Sri Lanka

TCIL, BangladeshIDEAS Infotechs  &
Agroskills, Sri Lanka

7 North West Corp Diversification Project (ADB Loan No. 1782-BAN (SF) 2003-2009 Bangladesh SNC, USA; MIDAS Agronomics, Thailand ADB
8 Mymensingh, Jamalpur and Sherpur Smallholder Agricultural Improvement Project (IFAD Loan 505-BD) 2002-2007 Bangladesh SNC, USA IFAD
9 Barisal, Patuakhali and Borguna Small Holder Support Project
(IDB Loan No. 127-BD)
2003-2007 Bangladesh None IDB
10 As Assessment on Impact of Grihayan Tahbil of Bangladesh Bank 2005 Bangladesh None GoB
11 Agricultural Services Innovation and Reform Project (ASIRP) 1999 – 2003 Bangladesh Hunting, UK DFID
12 Baseline Socio-economic Survey for Community Empowerment for Poverty Alleviation at the Grassroots Level (CEPA) 1998 – 1999 Bangladesh None UNDP
13 Agricultural Support Services Project (ASSP) 1992 –1999 Bangladesh Hunting, UK DFID
14 An Impact Study of Credit-funded Income Generating Activities of the Rural Development Project -9 1996 Bangladesh None EC
15 Agricultural Research Project II (Supplement) 1989 – 1995 Bangladesh Checchi and Co. Inc., USA USAID
16 Estimation of Seed, Feed, and Post-Harvest Wastage of Foodgrain Crops 1990 – 1991 Bangladesh TCIL, Bangladesh USAID
17 Crop Intensification Program IV (Greenhouse) 1988 – 1990 Bangladesh DARUDEC, Denmark ADB
18 Agro-Socioeconomic Benchmark Survey of Marginal and Small Farm Systems Crop Intensification Project in Kurigram District 1988 – 1990 Bangladesh None IFAD
19 Baseline Survey of Gopalgonj, Pirojpur, Shariatpur and Pirojpur Integreted Area Development Project (GMSP-IADP) 2003 Bangladesh FED IDB
20 Baseline Survey and PRA under Barisal, Patuakhali, Jhalkathi and Borguna Small Holder Support Project (BPJB SHSP). 2003 Bangladesh FED IDB

Fisheries and Livestock

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
21 Consultancy Services for Procurement of Research Vessel under Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Capacity Building Project 2010 -2017 Bangladesh None IDB
22 Deploy of Field Assistance; MLSS and Driver under National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) under DOF Part 2009 -2012 Bangladesh None IFAD/GOB/WB
23 Monitoring and Evaluation Study of the Aquaculture Development Project. 2010 Bangladesh N/A GoB
23 Fourth Fisheries Project (Credit No. 3276-BD) 2000-2005 Bangladesh ULG, UK DFID
25 Aquatic Resources Development, Management and Conservation Studies in Bangladesh (TF -022832-BD) 2001-2005 Bangladesh MEP, UK & SNC, USA GEF
26 Technical Support for Genetic Improvement of Brood Stock and Hilsa Management under Forth Fisheries Project 2005 -2006 Bangladesh None WB
27 Minor Study on Aquaculture Development Project 2004 Bangladesh None IFAD
28 An Impact Study for Second Aquaculture Development Project
(RSC No. C10662-BAN)
2001-2002 Bangladesh None ADB
29 National Agriculture Technology Project-DOF part 2008-2012 Bangladesh DTCL WB/DOF
30 Institutional Strengthening in the Fisheries Sector of Bangladesh 1991 – 1992 Bangladesh None FAO

Socio- economic & Human Resources Development

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
31 Strengthening of Public Administration Training Project  (ADB TA No. 2882-BAN) 1998 Bangladesh Commonwealth Secretariat ADB
32 Social Protection for the Poor Especially Disadvantaged Women and children (ADB TA NO. 4085-BAN) 2004 Bangladesh Cowater International Inc. Canada ADB
33 The Impact of the end of MFA and How the loss of employment may lead to an increase in the number of families (especially children) becoming involved in WFCL 2005 Bangladesh None ILO
34 Urban and rural credit in Bangladesh and to what degree the success or failure of these programmes have contributed to children becoming involved in WFCL 2005 Bangladesh None ILO
35 The Plight of Displaced People and Communities through Disasters such as Loss of Land from River Erosion and how this leads to an Increase of Children in Worst Forms of Child Labour “ 2005 Bangladesh None ILO
36 The Socio-Economic Survey on Inhabitants in Storm Water Drainage Zones of Dhaka City 2005 Bangladesh None JICA
37 Operationalization for Managing of Development Result (ADB TA No 4765-NEP) 2006-2008 Nepal Devtec Nepal (Pvt) Limited, Nepal ADB
38 Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Infrastructure Works in Social Investment Program Project (PHRD Grant No. TF 056967-B) 2009-2010 Bangladesh Pathmark Associates, Bangladesh & DPC Group, Bangladesh World Bank -SDF

Education and Training

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
39 ADB Loan No 2015-BAN (SF): Package C: Quality Improvement in Schools and Classrooms under PEDP II 2006-2009 Bangladesh PINZ, New Zealand, Technoconsult International Limited (TCIL), Bangladesh ADB/GOB and Others
40 Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project Package 30 Education Component ADB Grant 0002 – INO 2007-2009 Indonesia KCK, IndonesiaMADEP, Indonesia ADB
41 Evaluation of Pro-poor Self-Targeting Scheme of Stipend Program under FSSAP-II 2006 – 2007 Bangladesh OPCV/SKM, Australia WB/GOB
42 ADB Loan No. 2101- BAN: Teaching Quality Improvement (TQI) in Secondary Education project. 2005 – 2011 Bangladesh Carl Bro (Education) a/s (Denmark) ADB/GOB and others
43 Quantitative Evaluation of Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Project (S-8.2) 2010 Bangladesh N/A GoB/World Bank
44 Survey and Management of data for Tracer study under PLCEHD Project-1 (IDA Credit No. 3467-BD) 2005 Bangladesh None IDA
45 Impact Study of Female Stipend Programme under Female Secondary Stipend Project (FSSP) 2005 Bangladesh SNC, USA GOB
46 Impact Study of Female Stipend Programme under Higher Secondary Female Stipend Project (HSFSP) 2005 Bangladesh None GoB
47 Integrated Monitoring and Tracer Study on Female Stipend Program under Secondary Education Sector Improvement Project (SESIP)- ADB 2003-2006 Bangladesh None ADB/GOB
48 Performance Based Management, Evaluation and Implementation Plan of Pilot under SESIP 2004 Bangladesh None ADB/GOB
49 Evaluation of Development of Primary Education through Intensive District Approach to Education for All (IDEAL) Project 2004 Bangladesh None GoB
50 Quantitative Impact Evaluation of Stipend Program/Tracer Study of FSSAP Stipend Recipient Girls under FSSAP -II 2004-2006 Bangladesh OPCV/SKMAustralia WB/GOB
51 A Linguistic Study of the Class 1-5 Textbooks under Second Primary Education Sector Project 2001-2002 Bangladesh None GoB
52 Formative Evaluation for Basic Education for the Hard-to-Reach Urban Children (BEHTRUC) Project 1999-2000 Bangladesh None UNICEF
53 Institutional Improvements in Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project (ADB TA No. 1381-BHU) 1995 – 2000 Bhutan SNC, USA ADB
54 An Assessment of the Achievement of Pupils Completing Grade 4 of Primary Education 1999 Bangladesh None UNICEF
55 Annual Evaluation of Learners’ Achievement under Non-formal Education Project 1 1999 Bangladesh None ADB & GOB
56 A Study of Teaching Methods to Maximize Student Learning in Non-formal Education 1999 Bangladesh None ADB & GOB
58 A Study of Unenrolled Children and Dropouts at the Primary Level in Four Districts of Bangladesh 1998 – 1999 Bangladesh None UNICEF
59 Baseline Survey of IDEAL (Intensive District Approach to Education for All) Project in six Districts 1998 Bangladesh None UNICEF
60 Terminal Evaluation of the Integrated Non-formal Education Program 1997 – 1998 Bangladesh None NORAD
61 Evaluation of the Total Literacy Movement in the Chuadanga District 1997 Bangladesh None GOB
62 Second Primary Education Sector Project of Bangladesh (ADB TA No. 2469-BAN) 1996 – 1997 Bangladesh None ADB
63 Bangladesh Vocational Training Project (ADB TA No. 2130-BAN) 1995 Bangladesh Utah State University, USA ADB
64 Management of Technical Assistance under the Female Secondary Schools Assistance Project 1993 – 1994 Bangladesh Institute for International Research, USA WB
65 Follow-up Study of Pupils Transferred from Satellite Schools and NGO Schools to Primary Schools 1994 Bangladesh None WB
66 Survey of Satellite Schools in Bangladesh 1993 Bangladesh None WB
67 Strengthening Financial and Program Planning Capacity of the Education Sector 1993 Bangladesh None IDA
68 A Financing Plan for the Education Sector of Bangladesh 1992  – 1993 Bangladesh None WB
69 Secondary Education Sector Project (ADB TA No. 1562-BAN) 1992 Bangladesh ICBS, Philippines ADB
70 Project Preparatory Technical Assistance:  Higher Secondary Education Sector Project 1990 Bangladesh ICBS, Philippines ADB
71 Impact Study of Female Stipend Program Under Higher Secondary Female Stipend Project (HSFSP), Phase III 2008 Bangladesh None GoB
72 Baseline Study of Socio-Linguistic Factors [Baseline 2(Part 2)] under English in Action Project. 2008-2009 Bangladesh None DFID

Roads, Highways & Disaster Management

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
73 Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project: Package 28: Project Preparation Consultants (PPC) – Phase II for Roads and Bridges
(ADB Grant No TA 0002-INO)
2007-2008 Indonesia Technoconsult International Ltd, Bangladesh;Pt  MADEP, Indonesia ADB
74 IFC-Bangladesh Land Administration Program Diagnostic and Process Review. 2008-2009 Bangladesh NORC, USA IFC,BICF
75 Study on Disaster Management (Earthquake) 2009 Bangladesh N/A JICA

Finance, Trade and Commerce

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
76 ADB TA No. 4565-UZB: Financial Sector Infrastructure Development 2006 Uzbekistan None Japan Special Fund
77 Project Coordination and Development Unit of Bangladesh Export Diversification Project (IDA Credit No. 3229-BD) 1999 –  2004 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB
78 A Desk Study of Status/ Strategies of Leather Sector of the Competing Countries 2003-2004 Bangladesh None GTZ
79 A Census Study of Leather Sector 2003-2004 Bangladesh None GTZ
80 Study on Standards, Testing and Certification 2004 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
81 The Possibility of Market Access to Seven Sisters in India 2004 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
82 Study on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Banking and Financial Services for Exporters 2003 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
83 Study on Institutional Review and Analysis 2002 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA     /GoB
84 Institutional Strategic Development Plans (2001 – 2004) for MOC, BTC, EPB and FBCCI 2001 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
85 Preliminary Study of the Bangladesh Ready Made Garment Sector 2001 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
86 Study on Border Trade with India 1999 – 2000 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
87 Study on Impact of SAARC Cumulation Agreement on Bangladesh RMG and Textiles Sectors and on the overall Economy of Bangladesh 2000 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
88 Study on Transshipment Agreement 1999 – 2000 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
89 A Study on Constraints to Growth and Diversification in the Export Sector in Bangladesh 2000 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB
90 Efficiency Enhancement of Fiscal Management Project (ADB TA No. 3066-BAN) 2000 Bangladesh SNC, USA ADB
91 Study on ‘Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developed Countries’ Initiatives 1999 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/GoB

Management and Administration

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
92 Establishing an EZ Coordinating Cell in the Bangladesh Board of Investment (BOI) 2009 Bangladesh ACE, Spain IFC/WB
93 Strengthening Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation Project (ADB TA No-4880-BAN) 2007-2009 Bangladesh FED, Bangladesh ADB
94 ADB TA Supporting Good Governance Initiatives II 2007-2008 Bangladesh Adam Smith, UK ADB
95 Supporting Good Governance Initiatives (Part B: Support for Public Sector Anticorruption Initiatives) – ADB TA 4140-BAN 2004 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA ADB
96 Management Consultancy of PCR Mission for Bangladesh Open University Project 2000 Bangladesh None ADB
97 Strengthening Capacity for Planning at Local Level Project Formulation Mission II 1999 Bangladesh None UNICEF
98 TA for Evaluation of ADB Assistance to Developing Member Countries for Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation in Agriculture and Social Sector (ADB RETA No. 5636) 1995 – 1996 Bangladesh, Pakistan,and Sri Lanka None ADB

Rural Finance

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
99 Performance Assessment of 155 Union Parishads in Six Selected LIC Districts 2007 Bangladesh None UNDP
100 Project Preparatory Technical Assistance for Rural Credit and Savings Project (ADB TA No. 2818-CAM) 1998 – 1999 Cambodia SNC, USA  & General Consultants ADB
101 Project Preparatory Technical Assistance for Rural Finance Project  (ADB TA No. 2836-NEP) 1997 -1998 Nepal SNC, USA ADB
102 Project Preparatory Technical Assistance for Rural Livelihood Project (ADB TA No. 2293-BAN) 1996 Bangladesh None ADB

Health and Population

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
103 Study of the Impact of Asian Development Bank’s Assistance in the Health and Population Sector Project (ADB RETA No. 5629) 1995 Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka None ADB

Information Technology

SL Project Title Period Country Associate Funding
104 A Market Study on Diversification of Bangladesh Software Exports 2002 Bangladesh IBTCI, USA WB/IDA/